Kelly Yu

Kelly Yu is the Group Division Director of Preeminent Group, leading KELLY YU DIVISIONS, The #1 Champion Team in ERA for consecutive FIVE years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. She is also the Master Graduate in Electrical Engineering of National University of Singapore.


Kelly has started her career in real estate industry in July 2009. Within the first month in the industry, Kelly has already achieved the Top Rookie title in Preeminent Group monthly Hall of Fame Consistently. She was awarded the Overall Top Rookie of ERA Singapore and Overall Top Rookie of ERA Worldwide in year 2010.


Apart being consistently as ERA Top 50 achievers, her higher accolate is ERA #2 Top Achiever for the year of 2012. She has since then started her team as Privilege Division and has personally trained number of Top Achievers for received on average $100k-$600k consistently.

In 2017, she has win Top No.1 District Division Director Award for 7 out of 12 months. ( Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August 2017).

Her Philosophy of life is "What I Ask Is That, Today I Do The Best Work Of My Entire Life."

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Our Division Accolades

ERA Top 2 Group Division Directors - Sep 2018

ERA Top 3 Group Division Directors - Jun 2018

ERA Top 3 Group Division Directors - Q1 2018

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Overall 2017

ERA Top 1 Senior Division Director - Jan 2018

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Dec 2017

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Oct 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Q3 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Sep 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Aug 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - July 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Jun 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - May 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Apr 2017

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Q1 2017​

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Mar 2017

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Feb 2017

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Jun 2016

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Oct 2016

ERA Top 1 District Division Director - Sep 2016

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Feb 2016

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Jan 2016

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Dec 2016

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Feb 2016

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Dec 2014

ERA Top District Division Director - Nov 2014

ERA Top 2 District Division Director - Sep 2014

ERA Top 3 District Division Director - Aug 2014

ERA Top District Division Director - Jul 2014
ERA Top 9 Division Director - Jun 2014
ERA Top 2 Division Director - Mar 2014
ERA Top 3 Division Director - Feb 2014


Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"


The Greatest Moment

Marcus Chu_edited_edited.jpg

There is not many in ERA Singapore who has the ability to become a Top New Achiever and Top #2 Achiever in the following year. Kelly Yu has proven that she possess this extraordinary “X” factor to succeed in the real estate world.


When I first met Kelly, she left me a good impressive as someone who is humble, eager to learn, willing to invest in her personal growth, even she has a NUS master degree. Till today, she is still the same achiever of her league, always seeking the RIGHT ways to be more effective and value-add to her customers and associates.


She is simply the BEST and an elite professional who will continue to achieve excellent performance with her drive and determination to succeed in life. I’m confident that Kelly will deliver the best result to her customers and associates under her good supervision.


Marcus Chu

Chief Operating Officer

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

Kevin Lim.jpg

Kelly,  I just wanted to tell you that your success in Preeminent Group has been phenomenal. And I really do give you & Mark great credit for this. You have helped Preeminent Group grow amazingly over the past few years. You have unconditionally coach and train our associates who are not even your direct agents. 


Not only have you led by example in your personal sales; by surfacing as our company Top #2 Achiever in 2012, you were also promoted to Division Director the same year to lead a team of young & dynamic new agents. 


Your dedication on helping your agents to do well is also remarkable. Many of your agents have done well, 

specially Jessie who came up as our group Top Rookie last year. You have not only change your life but you have also help many change your life for the better. 


Your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. You are a leader! And I am so proud of you!


Warmest Regards,

Kevin Lim

Executive Group Division Director

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd


I follow the leaders of Preeminent on facebook, and so Kelly & Mark, the wife & husband team caught my eyes. As a mom myself, I was looking for a working mother role model and Kelly has fit in pretty well. 

Kelly would Integrate and induct new salesperson into the real estate business within the shortest time, and coach the new comers through our fast-paced real estate market within her team’s diverse & supportive culture. Leaving no one behind, Kelly’s team moto is “Together We Soar Higher”.

Best Regards,

Jacqlyn Lee
Top No.1 Achiever 2019 of Privilege Division


Kelly is a very loving person. In addition to treating us as her own family, she is also conduct alot of useful trainings and share with us her success selflessly. Thanks to her constant support, I highly recommend any new rookies to join this loving family.

Darelle Khoo

Marketing Director, Privilege Division


The 5X Consecutive #1 Champion Team in ERA

Preeminent Group is the Largest and Number 1 team in ERA Singapore in terms of the number of agents and revenue growth. For the past five consecutive years, it has been named the Top Sales group at ERA, which is an unprecedented record in the company's history.

Our team is made up of dynamic and positive-minded individuals who are passionate about real estate sales and helping our clients make the best property decisions. Each agent is equipped with the best tools in the form of knowledge, methodology and technology to achieve sales targets. The group's success can be attributed to a warm and inviting culture that is open to sharing knowledge. There is a flat hierarchy and new agents are given step-by-step guidance and training to reach their desired goals. We believe that for any agent to be successful, having the Right Products, Right Training and Right System are key!

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ERA is the market leader in new project launches, with close to 100 local and international projects being marketed by our agents. Riding on the positive market outlook which has seen the launch of more Government Land Sales sites and collective sales, ERA is poised to market most of all the latest and hottest new and highly popular launches in 2019. This also means that our agents will have more opportunities to market, generate leads and sell products that consumers want.

Working Together


Preeminent Group has many wholistic up-to-date training programmes that aim to help our agents face daily challenges. We have 3 x basic Eminence specialised skillset trainings for all newbie agents to start the business correctly. We also have 4 x fundamental skillset trainings that hone prospecting, presentation, digital market and negation skills for any agent, improving their overall sales performance and upgrading their skills so that they can build an evergreen business model. Our various empowering monthly trainings, sharing sessions, expert level trainings and one-to-one coaching further empowers our associates to be the best!



GRABPro is an innovative and interactive App created by Preeminent Group where our agents and leaders can connect with one another instantly, efficiently and effectively. GRABPro provides our agents with the benefits of scheduling their posts for available listings automatically and effortlessly. The App allows our sales agents to consolidate their listings and market them productively. Agents can multi-task on a transaction by searching the condo library, accessing the mortgage calculator, view a map for exact location of listings and information or even schedule an appointment. 

GRABPro is a paradigm for real estate agents!



The Series Of Training Programmes offered Here Are To Provide, Train and Equipped All Our Associates With The Skillset, Knowledge And Latest Information In Order To Deliver The Best Services To All Our Clients.

Business Breakthrough Mastery

Preeminent Signature Program 18 HOURS Free Training exclusively to Preeminent associates. Success secrets sharing by Preeminent Group Founder, Kevin Lim through Soft skill and hard skill set. Scripts, Success Stories and strategies are shared.

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Sometimes You Also Need

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Project Subtitle

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Acceleration Programme

This programme tend to equip salespersons across all skill and experience levels with the blueprint for building a successful real estate business. After attending this programme, individuals will gain the competitive edge required to meet the demands of the challenging market condition.

Salespersons will gain insights on improving efficiency, enhancing overall performance, developing personal excellence, and discover tactical approaches to any real estate related challenges. These elements will ensure aspiring salespersons reach their fullest potential.

Financial Calculation Workshop

The Part 1 and Part 2 covered How to grow your wealth through smart calculations and Double your sales through specialised Financial Techniques

Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp.png

Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp

Unleash the leadership in you! Learn how to be a leader both in your career and your personal life in this camp. We created The Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp to empower our salespersons to become the best version of themselves. 


This System has helped many of our rookies to kick start their career without much listings and also has helped our listers to close many of their units within shortest time frame. 



FInd Out Why Our COT Always Full House?

Join our Career Opportunity Talk To Learn From Our New Achievers How They Achieve Thus Far! From A Rental Agent to a Millionaire Agent. From One Person to Become A Team Manager and Division Director.


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